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About Us


Who We Are

The PaperToPriceless.com team is an association of Independent Karatbars International Affiliates.  We are regular people from all walks of life and various backgrounds that share a common vision. We  empower the individual to achieve  financial and time freedom. We are dedicated to assisting EVERY team member to achieve their goals and re-claim their lives at the pace and budget they set. 


Why Gold?

  • The winner of an Olympic event receives the GOLD Medal. 
  • When something is proven to work it is referred to as the GOLD standard.
  • Physical GOLD is a REAL Asset.  

The idioms regarding GOLD go on and on for a reason. 

Throughout human history GOLD has served as the basis for wealth and economic stability. The ancients knew this, central banks and governments know this as well. 

Karatbars International provides the VERY BEST way for working class people, globally, to acquire this time tested commodity in an affordable, user-friendly format. 


"Paper (currency),… is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.”~Thomas Jefferson, 1788


Simple. Affordable. Profitable.

We offer what we believe to be the VERY BEST value in the market place. 

  • Physical Gold
  • Gold Secured Crypto-Currency
  • Financial Rewards
  • Business Tools
  • Mentoring
  • All for about $6.79/day